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Yeti Giant (Calibrated Ply Composed Core With 4 Press Technology) BWP Grade.

Giant Calibrated ply is manufactured for those who are obsessed with quality. This kind of ply is manufactured in the following process:

  • First hot pressed of Gurjan Hardwood Core Veneer into layers of Only Phenolic Resin.
  • Here, the IS:710 Marine Grade Standard Ply without face (Mat Ply) is maintained.
  • Then perfect calibration is achieved with calibrating machine to get even thickness from all sides.
  • Later on, it is repressed with Gurjan face Veneer to get the perfect desired thickness.
  • An absolutely smooth surface is achieved post lamination making it ideal for making insert and modular furniture.

Uniform thickness all around the ply makes it ideal for use of Quality Furniture. This
is ideal for Interior Furniture, Modular kitchen Units, Heavy Density Timber Is used
for maintaining high standard quality.