Yeti Ply has consistently grown popular in the industry of Plywood Panel Products due to our exclusivity, unique making and customer satisfaction. Our experience of more than 20 years and expertise in the supply of Calibrated Plywood, Block Boards, Flush Doors and Film Face Shuttering Plywood has made us the preferred choice of many buyers, and for good reasons.

Our services are being used in fields ranging from Residential, Commercial, Construction, Modular Kitchen, Ready-made Furniture industry and for many others too; Yeti Ply remains their trusted Ply Brand.

Which is why, he is always trying to ideate products and services that Mr. Vivek Dhanuka is adamant on serving the best to his customers.

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Mr. Vivek Dhanuka is an expert of Plywood, it’s market, manufacturing and quality, with over 20 years of experience. What is amusing, is that he is one of the youngest managing directors in the field of Plywood Industry. Mr. Dhanuka is always on a lookout to give back to the society in some way or the other. Which is why, he is always trying to ideate products and services that will not only be a mere market supply but will also help society in different ways. 

He has always been the one to think out of the box, challenge age-old systems and ways of working, establish inclusive initiatives and help the comparatively newer segments of business grow in healthy ways. 

Mr. Dhanuka came into this field after completing his education, becoming the successor to his family business. After which he became a member of various social groups and business families, connected to create a better business, as well as, social environment.

After extensive research and a deep study of the field, he ventured into the Plywood Industry, making it what it is today by himself, from the scratch. In no time, the brand – Yeti Ply became popular in not just the market but amongst common people too for its premium quality and trustworthiness. Mr. Vivek Dhanuka is adamant on serving the best to his customers.

Talking about his vision, he says, 
“It is my dream for our brand to be known as the most reliable Plywood brand in the market. No matter what, we pledge to provide only the best products and services to our customers, with love”.