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Yeti Champ (MR & BWR Grade).

Champ Ply is made out of high-quality hardwood from the Eucalyptus species and Popular Soft Indian Timber (also called Alternate Ply). It has certain specifications which are listed below:

  • It is made from a short core veneer to maintain low-budget customers’ pockets.
  • The ply is bonded with both MUF Resin (MR & BWR Grade).
  • It is manufactured as per IS:303 (MR & BWR Grade) standards.
  • The ply is then treated with technology based on vacuum pressure and with approved glue line preservatives making it borer proof.

These timber species are local to India which again does not affect global warming or even the atmosphere. It is the best for various segments and fits in the customer’s budget with affordable prices and quality standards.