Boiling water Resistant Plywood and other types!

Boiling water Resistant Plywood (BWR) & other types of plywood !
How often do we go to the market to buy ourselves furniture? We only buy furniture on special occasions, festivals or when we want to build our dream home or when we want to renovate it. It is a very crucial task for us and we are very cautious about it. We don’t want to go wrong while purchasing it.

Hence, while buying a furniture one must remember that plywood is a very important component of a furniture. It determines its quality, durability and strength. Hence one needs to be well informed about the plywood before purchasing it.

Plywood is a wood panel which is made up of several wood veneers stuck together through a glue. Plywood is used in almost all types of furniture such as sofa, bed, kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc.

There are variety of plywood available in the market. So we are often confused as to which plywood is useful for us. Hence for the broader understanding, there are basically three grades of plywood which are listed below.

Moisture resistant (MR) Plywood

This plywood is also known as commercial plywood locally. It is extensively used for interior purposes. It may be utilized for cupboards, drawers, closets, TV tables, etc. The adhesive, Urea Formaldehyde is used to glue together the different layers of the Moisture Resistant Plywood.

The term moisture-resistant must not be confused with waterproof. This ply is resistant to moisture and humidity and not water. Hence, it should not be used in building materials that are frequently in contact with water. Because of this property, plywood is widely used in hot and humid conditions especially in tropical areas. It has good internal strength and it also ensures stability and longevity for the products made out of it. 

The thickness of moisture-resistant plywood ranges from 3mm to 25mm.

Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Plywood

This is semi-waterproof plywood. It resists water to a certain extent. It is used for both interior and exterior purposes. A synthetic plastic resin (Phenol-Formaldehyde) is used in making the sheets of Boiling Water Resistant Plywood.

Boiling water Resistant Plywood is generally used in places that are in regular contact with water like kitchen cabinets, bathroom cupboards. 

Boiling water Resistant Plywood is also used for wall cladding, staircases on the exteriors because of its waterproof nature.

The thickness of Boiling Water Resistant Plywood ranges from 4mm to 25mm.

Boiling water Resistant Plywood
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Marine plywood (Marine ply) OR Boiling Water Proof (BWP) Ply

As the name of the plywood suggests, it is highly waterproof plywood. It is high quality plywood as compared to MR and BWR plywood. Due to its highly waterproof nature, it is used in building ships, boats and other structures which are continuously in contact with water. Marine plywood is glued together with concentrated or undiluted phenolic resins like phenol formaldehyde. This ensures the high water resistance capacity of the plywood. Also, the veneers of a few selected species are only used to make this ply. The few selected species include Eucalyptus, Gurjan and Popular. At times, a combination of these species is also used in making the plywood. The thickness of marine plywood starts from 6mm.

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