Comparison Between MR Grade & BWP Plywood

Moisture Resistant Plywood vs Boiling Water Plywood

Pressed wood is one of the top-selling building materials in India. Although there are various classifications under which compressed wood can be arranged, the most broadly acknowledged categorization of compressed wood was by its water obstruction limit.

As per the Indian reviewing framework, compressed wood is arranged under 3 classes – Moisture Resistant Plywood/Water Resistant or MR Grade, Boiling Water-Resistant or BWR evaluation and Boiling Water Proof Grade or BWP Grade pressed wood. In this blog, we will dive further into the subtleties of Moisture Resistant Plywood evaluation and BWP grade compressed wood offered by Yeti Ply and contrast their highlights all together with figure out which pressed wood suits your necessities consummately.

At Yeti Ply, we have a wide scope of BWP and MR grade compressed wood across a financial plan so you can pick the compressed wood that accommodates your value range and your necessities. Thus, let us investigate the contrasts between Yeti Ply’s Moisture Resistant Plywood compressed wood and BWP pressed wood.




Water Resistance

Moisture Resistant plywood, as the name suggests, can resist normal levels of water and moisture but is not waterproof.   It is weather-resistant and water-resistant plywood and can be safely used in locations that experience high levels of moisture and humidity.

Boiling Waterproof plywood has the highest water-resistance and is considered to be completely waterproof.   BWP plywood can withstand the vagaries of weather and can be exposed to fluctuating weather conditions without the fear of delamination. 

IS Certification

The Bureau of Indian Standards has given the IS:303 specification number to MR grade plywood.

The Bureau of Indian Standards has given the IS:710 specification number to BWP grade plywood.


MR plywood is strong, durable and long-lasting but its quality is not at par in terms of strength or durability in comparison to BWP grade plywood.

BWP plywood is the strongest plywood in the market. It derives its strength from the number of plies, undiluted resins and adhesives and high-quality raw materials used to manufacture the plywood sheets.

Termite Resistance

MR grade plywood has a high resistance to borer & termites due to the adhesives and additives used.   Yeti Ply’s MR grade plywood is completely borer & termite-proof.

BWP grade plywood has a high resistance to borer & termites due to the adhesives and additives used.   Yeti Ply’s  BWP plywood is completely borer & termite-proof.

Suggested Applications

Interior grade plywood, is widely used for furniture-making. It finds its best use in the making of beds, sofas, tables, chairs, wardrobes, TV table units and more.

BWP plywood can be used to build almost any furniture you can imagine, including those that may get exposed to water. Use this plywood to make furniture for your kitchen and bathroom areas without the fear of damage from water.


MR plywood is comparatively cheaper than waterproof plywood.

Waterproof plywood is costlier than MR grade plywood due to the extra benefits it offers.

Both Moisture Resistant Plywood and BWP grade plywood are solid, strong and keep going for quite a long time. Settle on your decision after examining the reason for your buy and you make certain to wind up with the correct sort of pressed wood.

Moisture resistant plywood

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